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Website Design & Support

We provide a range of web design & development services for our clients. We design and manage websites primarily on WordPress, but also have worked with clients on a variety of other platforms including Squarespace, Joomla, Concrete5, and other CMS applications. 


Why WordPress?

As of 2021, WordPress is used by 40.6% of all websites on the internet. It’s used by businesses of all sizes from small startups and solopreneur outfits to some of the biggest brands in the world including CNN, CBS, New York Times, Dole, Glad, Mercedes-Benz and Vogue.

If someone says “WordPress can’t do that”, they likely mean “I can’t figure out a configuration to make that work on WordPress”.

WordPress also has one of the most supportive and passionate tech communities in the world.
At Aleope Media, we are passionate about building communities and supporting local businesses, so we love supporting brands that support this purpose.

Our Process

We don’t think short term, because you don’t think short term. That’s why we primarily build on WordPress. The platform is secure, malleable, and will be around for as long as the internet is. When clients work with us on a website:


We work together to determine your website goals & needs


We collaborate on your website's brand, tone, look, and feel


We design and launch a secure and responsive website


We revise your website based on user data and feedback

3 Website Questions To Answer

Question # 1: Does your website serves your business goals first?

96% of visitors research online before buying.

Control every aspect of the sales process that you can, because there are quite a few that you can’t.

Question # 2: How much budget should you allocate to your website?

Your website is only one of several marketing channels you should be using.

An effective website will cost you something, but it doesn’t have to break the bank.

Question # 3: How will you collect and utilize data to inform strategy?

Use it or lose it. Data is pointless if you do nothing with it.

Make ongoing adjustments your website and marketing plan based on the data you collect about your audience. Hint: We help with this.

Building websites with us gets you…

A Complete Website Design & Build

At an affordable price

Comprehensive Website Security

So you never have to worry about it

Website Edits, Optimization, & Maintenance

Speed Optimization, Web Dev, Creating Opt-In Forms & Site Architecture

Ongoing Support

We have different tiers of monthly retainer services to provide our clients with their website maintenance needs

General Website Consulting

Even if you’re not ready for a new site, we can help you figure out how to improve your existing framework

Landing Pages

That convert!

Just a few of the clients we serve…

Let's talk about you...

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