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For any business that has a website, creating good content to generate traffic is always a big problem. More often than not, you may face a writer’s block, or you may wonder why your content is not generating sufficient traffic!

So we’ve written this article to provide you with 50 content ideas that you are able to use to improve your website.


1. Write Helpful Blog Posts

It’s not a secret that many people search for help online. For example, they may try to find the best eyeshadow, how to tie a tie, or even specific product information.

Thus, by writing “How To’s” and step-by-step guides about popular topics related to your business, it will definitely increase views.

2. Share Tips and Hacks on How to Be Successful

Everyone wants to be successful – it is an inner desire. So, give some great tips and hacks on how your business has come a long way and even share certain resources that are helpful for your potential customers as well.

3. Host a Giveaway for Your Viewers

Giveaways are a quick and easy way to gain traffic and attention from your online audience. This is simply because everyone loves to get free things. Hence, get your viewers to spread your business message on your social media accounts to get the buzz going.

In return, think of some interesting prizes that will attract people to join.

4. Share a Story About Failure

Most people tend to talk about positive emotions and successes online. However, failure is also a great lesson and good content that your audience can learn from.

Give them a sneak peek into your personal life journey with your business and teach them how to learn from your mistakes and failures.

5. Talk About Your Opinions About Your Current Industry

If you want to be a leader in your industry and get people to understand your opinion and thoughts, writing a blog post about your personal views in the current industry is helpful.

6. Write a Blog Series

Coming up with a theme and blogging about it every day is a quick and easy way to generate blog ideas. After planning your blog series for a week, bring them through a process of your life during a festive season or holiday. People will surely be interested.

7. Collaborate with Someone in Your Industry

You may have worked with some influential and interesting people in your business. Invite them over for an interview or a fun activity. Get to know them better and write about it; readers who are interested in your collaboration partner will keep a lookout for your content.

8. Make a List of Things to Avoid Doing

For this tip, leverage on the idea of “fear.” Blog about a list of things your viewers should avoid doing that can cost them greatly in their industry. This will capture their attention, as no one likes to make mistakes.

9. Share Surprising and Unknown Facts

To combat Monday blues for your readers, think about some interesting facts about your industry that is generally not heard of. Put them into a compiled list and publish it. It will definitely get the viewers talking.

10. Highlight Milestone of Your Business

Use content on your website to celebrate the success of your business. It is a great way to show your viewers about the successes of your company and you are also able to generate buzz if it is a huge celebration.

11. Talk About the Tools That You Have Used

For example, if your business sells delicious cupcakes, talk about the equipment and tools you use to bake those tasty goodies. Not only does it open a door for collaboration, you are also able to give some advice and product reviews too.

12. Share a Behind the Scenes Story

These stories are often personal and it gives your viewers a preview of what it looks like at the back end of your business. Take this chance and give it a “human” touch. Interview your staff and show some exclusive footage too.

13. Talk About Your Success Story

Reading about content that will serve as a stepping stone to their success is an attractive content idea. You may also share tips and hacks on other best practices related to your business as well.

14. Creating and Sharing Free Resources

This is a long-term strategy because people will seek help and resources online at different times of the year. So, it is more sustainable in generating views than one-time viral content.

15. Creating an Infographic

A good way to repurpose and recycle your blog content is to create an infographic. With short and aesthetically pleasing images to go with it, your infographic will definitely catch the attention of your viewers. It is also good content for your social media accounts.

16. Follow Up Your Old Content with a Sequel

Look through your old content when you are generating ideas. Make use of your old blog posts and do a sequel for it. For example, you are able to write about the “Best Eyeliners of the Year (2017 edition)” if you have written a 2016 edition before.

17. Explain the Meaning of Your Business

These days, businesses are looking to share and build a connection with their customers online. By explaining the meaning behind your business, it shows your viewers what the company’s core values, vision and mission are. These will definitely resonate with your audience.

18. Share Some Takeaways from a Recent Experience

If you have attended any event recently, blog about the highlights and the interesting parts of it, especially if it was an exclusive event.

19. Make a List of Things You Should Know

Providing hindsight and advice is what your viewers want. They see it as useful and helpful information. Thus, list a handful of things you wish you’ve known earlier that is related to your industry.

20. Highlight Your Products and Services

Your blog should be an extension of your business. Hence, write about an exclusive product launch, upcoming sales and products to look out for in your business. It is a good way to get people excited and talking.

21. Blog About the Current State of Your Industry

Walk your audience through the major changes and upcoming trends and talk about the advantages and disadvantages that may occur. Moreover, give some quality advice that people will like to hear.

22. Make a Quick Poll for Your Readers and Share It

You are able to easily create polls on social media, especially Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Do up a few fun and quick questions and see how people respond. This is not only useful feedback, but also fun for your audience.

23. Create a Throwback Post

If your business has been around for quite some time, bring your long-time customers and readers down memory lane. Share memorial milestones and talk about the fun memories you have had together.

24. Share Tutorials

Tutorials often have actionable takeaways and it teaches your readers something that is practical and applicable for their lives and work. Think about what you want your viewers to learn from your blog and some skills you are able to share.

25. Write About Some Common Misconceptions

It is normal for people to give their judgements on your business and industry. However, a simple “Myth or Fact” can pique their interest and address the misunderstandings.

26. Share Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

There are always common questions that your customers will ask and email you. Instead of replying to them one by one, sieve out all these common questions and write it as a blog post instead. Moreover, it also serves as useful information for your readers.

27. Find a Fun Way to Share Tidbits of Your Business

Come up with an original title that you are able to use on a long-term basis and use it as a platform to share small pieces of content that is easy to read weekly.

28. Do a Quick Roundup

At the end of every month or every quarter, do a quick review and roundup of the events that have happened. This will serve as a reminder and quick summary for your viewers.

29. Write About Some Humorous Insights

People like to read about funny things and adding humor into your insights will definitely keep your audience hooked enough to read the rest of your article.

30. Talk About the Best Advice You’ve Received

Your readers will thank you if you share useful advice that you have received. Again, information and help are things that people like to read about. So, use this strategically to come up with content ideas.

31. Ask Your Viewers for Feedback

Come up with a quick survey for your readers to take part in. Your audience will want to have their thoughts and opinions known, so it is a good time for interaction too.

32. Share Relevant Quotes

Quotes definitely speak volume for themselves. They are also very popular on social media platforms as well. Generate a list of inspirational quotes related to your industry and let your followers repost them on their social media accounts.

33. Share About Your Team

Remind your audience that there is always a dedicated and top-notch team behind your business. Conduct a simple interview with fun questions and write a blog post about it.

34. Talk About Your Inspiration

We all know that Rome was not built in a day – this goes the same for your business too. Share some inspirational stories that have helped your business to be successful.

35. Share Testimonials from Your Clients

Testimonials are a great way to increase trust for your company. Therefore, show your readers what people have been saying about your products and services.

36. Blog About an Experience

There are many things that you are able to talk about – from a product journey, or launching a new store. Write about all those experiences from your personal perspective. This gives your readers an insight on your business and feelings.

37. Share Sneak Peeks

Generate buzz and exclusive content for your online audience. Coming up with sneak peeks for a new product, collaboration, or launch are great ways to start the hype.

38. Show Your Portfolio

Blog about your various achievements, experiences and recent works to your readers. Blogging is one of the few organic ways to grow your traffic and it also gives your potential customers an insight on your products too.

39. Write About Your Business’ Beginnings

Everyone starts somewhere and many people would like to read and be inspired by that. Talk about what prompted you to get started on your business and share your journey with them.

40. Share Great Examples

Sometimes, simply giving tips and advice is not enough. Give your audience some clear examples on how they can execute those advices and share some real-life stories too.

41. Feature a professional

Having someone credible on your blog is good news. Simply reach out to them and conduct a quick interview over a cup of coffee. Ask your readers to provide some questions too.

42. Share Updates

Your blog is a great platform for keeping people in the loop. Talk about the latest updates in your products, industry and packages. You are also able to share what triggered or inspired the change.

43. Write About Something You Disagree With

Although it is easier to write about a popular opinion, it may not represent your real thoughts. Hence, use this chance and blog about your viewpoints in a respectful way, giving concrete reasons in the process.

44. Share a Day-in-a-Life Post

Give your staff with various roles an opportunity to blog and write about their lives in the business. In addition, take some pictures and add it into your blog articles as well.

45. Teach Something That is Within Your Expertise

Learning about new things is attractive and if you are teaching something that you are an expert in, this will make you sound more credible. Remember to add in your credentials and experience at the beginning.

46. Write a Product Review

For instance, if you own a photography business, talk about your favorite cameras and lenses to use. Your readers will appreciate it, as they see this as useful advice.

47. Repurpose Your Older Posts with a Revamp

Look through your previous posts and edit it with some new and interesting information. Once you’re done, it is ready and up for posting again.

48. Write an Informative Post

You are able to give information to your readers on how they can work with you as well as useful guides to get them started. This will help you build a long-term relationship with your working partners as well.

49. Talk About a Problem and Solve It

There are many important issues and problems in every industry that are often left untouched. Talk about it and get people interested in the issue. At the same time, share your take on it and provide some feasible solutions.

50. Surprise Your Readers

Surprise is an emotion that is strong. By surprising your audience with a hidden fact or trait about you and your business, it will definitely stick in their heads for a long time.

We hope that this article will help you in the future when you get writer’s block. There are a ton of different and interesting content ideas out there.  Start experimenting and see what works for you.

And of course, we’re always happy to do the brainstorming and writing for you! Talk to us if you’d like a little help.


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