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YouTube is the wild west of the content landscape… you can do just about anything on the platform and you never know what’s going to take off and become a sensation. One day it could be a channel dedicated to unboxing retail goods, the next day it could be a Swedish video game commentator playing games live.

Whatever your niche is, the truth remains that you have the potential to reach an incredible number of people with YouTube’s billions of users who watch videos on the platform every month.

1. Make Good Video Content, Not Ads

Unless it’s commercials with babies during the Superbowl, people simply don’t like watching advertisements. Make sure your videos are content focused and don’t come across as “salesy”. You want people to share your content, and nobody shares the commercial breaks.

So you might be asking, “how do I make my content not sound like an advertisement?” And here at FEAD we have a simple philosophy: tell stories within your vertical. Your vertical is all of the fields of interest in your line of work. Do you own an art gallery? Do interviews with local artists. Own a jewelry store? Do style videos about how to pair your jewelry with your wardrobe. Find the vertical within your company and your content ideas will start flowing.

2. Regular, Expected Content

The key to utilizing content on YouTube is all about frequency. Figure out a content schedule and stick to it. All of the most popular, successful channels on YouTube deliver content on a regular basis and you should too.

Don’t overdo it! Yes, we want to be posting videos for your company on a regular basis… but that really means once a day on a schedule. You don’t want to overexpose your audience with 20 short videos a day. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

3. Interconnect

Man Using Multiple Social Media AccountsHere’s how we breakdown the relationship between content, seo, and social media: content is the meat of your marketing materials, seo is to make sure that google and the internet like the way it’s formatted (and to make sure you’re discoverable), and social media is the way you disseminate that content and connect to your audience.

Content Marketing is about interconnecting all of those aspects of your online presence and YouTube is no different. Do you have a blog? Each time you publish a blog, do a video on that blog topic. Bam! Now you’ve got two pieces of content that you can optimize for seo to improve that google ranking. You also have two pieces of content to share on social media to feed our audience. When you put together this harmonious online presence it automatically makes your clientele appreciate your cohesiveness which creates loyalty.


Worried that your YouTube account isn’t living up to its potential? Need help setting up the account, filming and editing videos, and optimizing those videos for discoverability? At FEAD we specialize in that kind of thing: social media, seo, and content…  it’s sort of what we do best. Feel free to contact us and we can help figure out what kind of social media you need and how best to support your business.

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