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If your social media is lacking these simple but vital concepts, you may want to rethink your strategy…

In the title we refer to them as the 3 Keys to success, but another way to think about them is as the 3 C’s because, well… you’ll see.

So, what exactly are the Three C’s and why are they so gosh darn important?


“It is the quality, rather than quantity, that matters.” -Seneca the Younger

I’m sure you’ve heard this said a hundred times before, but why is this especially important when dealing with social media & marketing for your business? High quality images are important because of course visually appealing pictures tend to generate more attention and traffic initially, but even more importantly they create an enduring sense of professionalism for your brand overall.

As a health and wellness company, your content may include motivational quotes, videos of your product or service in action, or maybe even re-posting reviews or pictures that your customers have posted of themselves utilizing your product or service. While user generated pictures aren’t always the highest of quality, publicly acknowledging and giving appreciation to your users for their support by reposting can be a good look for your brand’s image. When you acknowledge your supporters, they feel appreciated, and are more inclined to continue utilizing your product or service and likely to refer it to a friend.

Overall, ensuring your content is authentic and offers value to your users is the key to long term success. Make it about your followers, not you.


Consistency is a huge factor in creating brand recognition.

It’s a good idea to use your company’s traditional logo or a variation of its design for each of your social media profile pictures to help with creating consistency across all platforms. Another great way to create consistency across your social media platforms is to #hashtag your company’s logo or come up with a unique phrase you can incorporate into your posts consistently and even encourage your followers to join.

We love to refer to the successful social media campaign launched by Lululemon. They challenged their Instagram followers to tag their own workout photos on Instagram with the hashtag #thesweatlife. This simple tactic ended up generating more than 68,000 posts. Utilizing a branded hashtag is a win-win for both parties. On one side, Lululemon got major brand exposure and strengthened its presence on Instagram. On the other hand, Instagramers benefited by increasing their followers and were able to feel apart of a community.

Core Values

Core values educate clients and potential customers about what the company is about and specify the identity of the company. The more you are able to integrate them into your everyday workflow and marketing process, the more likely you will create content that has a consistent voice and point of view. Having a set of very specific core values that speak to the public can truly set you apart from other health and wellness companies. Take the popular international fruit smoothie company, Jamba Juice, as an example. They refer to their core values under the acronym FIBER — that’s awesome branding, huh?

“F.I.B.E.R: The core values of Jamba—Fun, Integrity, Balance, Empowerment, and Respect must continue to be embodied and communicated throughout Jamba Juice Company.”

We know it can be easy to get caught up in the competitive world of business, so having your own specific set of core values to refer back to can do wonders in ensuring your marketing and business decisions really align with your values as a person.

As you can see, there is a lot to think about when posting to your social media platforms, but luckily you don’t have to place that stress on yourself. You can count on us to ensure that the Three C boxes are checked off for every single post we put out for you. We will do our best to ensure consistency, the best content, and that our posts always keep the enduring values of your organization in mind!

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