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Digital spending and social media usage have increased tremendously over the past few years. However, it is not an easy job to manage your social media account daily. So, we will share with you 13 new tools for you to use to keep up with your social media game in 2018.


With the increase usage of Instagram stories and Snapchat, it is difficult for you to manage and post on both social media accounts.

Luckily, Storyheap does that for you. On its single dashboard, you are able to create, manage and schedule your stories. Besides that, you are also able to view the analytics behind your content. You also get to inspect metrics such as views, screenshots, open rates and followers.


This is another tool that will help you with your stories. Fastory allows you to create beautiful stories on its online graphic editor and post it on your social media. There are only 4 simple steps in this process:

  • Choose a suitable and eye-catching animation
  • Upload your photo or video
  • Add your logo
  • Publish it

The free version comes with the Fastory watermark at the bottom, but it is a great way to test it out.


Crello is also an online graphic editor, but here’s the catch: it comes with over 10,000 templates. It is free and also gives you access to stock images and free design elements.

Crello is also very user-friendly and if you do not have any prior experience with graphic designing and editing, then this tool is for you.


Planable is your one stop solution to your social media workspace. Rather than using many tools and devices such as Google Drive and Dropbox, Planable consolidates everything for you.

At first glance, it looks like your typical Facebook feed. Here, your colleagues can give you replies, comments and feedback on the post itself.


Station is a social management tool that puts all your applications and such in one place. You may be sick and tired of having to track all your tabs, such as Trello, Buffer and Pocket. Hence, Station keeps all of them in one place.

Here’s how to use it:

After entering Station, add the websites and applications that you use frequently. Currently, you are already able to add over 300 applications and Station is still incorporating more.

Next, start using it and simply toggle using the keyboard shortcuts. You will now be able to do everything in one single place. You are even able to enter distraction mode to maintain your focus!


You are able to edit and change the way your social media posts look with Metashort. Simply edit the title, pictures, description and more. You also don’t have to worry about the site’s meta tags from changing.

The tool is free for everyone to use, but you have the option to pay a few dollars to get access to statistics and real time updates.

Content Studio

If you are you always thinking hard about what content to post, or wonder what kind of content will do well and get you traffic, then Content Studio will be your lifesaver.

Just by a simple search on Content Studio, you will be able to find content sources and inspirations to help you with writer’s block. After filtering and selecting your content, Content Studio’s composer will even recommend images and hashtags for your posts automatically.

Not only that, you are also able to schedule your posts and automate all your social media content campaigns using this handy tool.


Adioma helps you to create infographics and does it within a span of a few minutes. With a large variety of templates to choose from, simply key in the text of your choice and Adioma will come up with a design.

Afterwards, you are still able to personalize it, just by switching the template, or your preferred icons and color schemes.


Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are indeed technology of the future and Lisa is bringing it into social media.

This free application allows you to choose which picture you should post on Instagram to get the most engagement and traffic, based on its machine learning algorithm. It will also suggest popular hashtags for you, so that you are able to increase your likes and views.  


Your customers use many different social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. However, you may not decide to run ads on all the platforms, as it is expensive and inefficient.

PixelMe helps you to remarket and retarget your ads to your potential customers. After they click to find out more with your Pixel link, it will automatically retarget them on their other social media profiles too.

WhatsApp Business

Many of us use WhatsApp to communicate with almost everyone. But sometimes, it can be very hard to draw the fine line between personal life and work life. WhatsApp Business helps you to do so.

It allows you to have an online business presence on an internationally popular platform, automatic responses, free calls, send multimedia and so much more. It simplifies the process of chatting with your customers and not leave them hanging for replies.


If it is your first time trying out influencer marketing, then Insense is a very helpful tool for you. With this, you are able to manage and organize all your influencers on a single platform without going all over the place.

To start, simply create a brief introduction to your campaign and interested influencers will reach out to you. After selecting your influencers, you will be able to communicate via Insense and even boost their posts as a Sponsored Post on Facebook if it is doing well.

Anchor Videos

As we all know, videos are great content to share on social media. Thus, Anchor Videos is a convenient tool to have.

This free application transcribes your audio into a short animation video. Afterwards, simply edit the words or audio and post the video onto your social networking page.

All in all, social media tools are very productive and efficient ways for you to boost your social media management. From creating, editing, planning and posting, there is something out there to make it easier for you to handle your social media accounts.

Of course, if it’s a bit overwhelming (and we completely understand!), we’d love to talk with you to see how we can help!

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