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SEO scares people. It’s a mysterious aspect of internet marketing that confounds anyone outside of the specialized field. We’d like to take a moment to demystify SEO a little bit and prove that it’s not quite the mysterious beast it’s made out to be.

Today we’re sharing secrets that SEO firms would prefer clients didn’t know- because then their magic would be gone; making them seem less like arcane sorcerers and more like marketing specialists. Join us, and take a look behind the SEO curtain.

1. You Don’t Need A Degree: You Can Learn It All Online

While a background in marketing or analytics is definitely useful, SEO can never be taught in schools. Search Engine Marketing lives online, and it depends entirely on the whims of the big search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

It’s estimated that Google changes their algorithm more than once a day. There’s no way a curriculum stretched out across a few months could EVER keep up with that level of variability. It’s up to a team of dedicated individuals to keep constant tabs on the ever-evolving SEO scene.

2. There’s Not A Single SEO Expert Who Totally Understands SEO

Not only does Google alter their algorithm on a daily basis, but they never fully disclose their ranking factors. We know their most important ranking factors, but no one outside of Google ever sees the whole picture.

3. “Build It And They Will Come” Is Completely Wrong

Good content is absolutely crucial to effective SEO. But, if no one can find your content, you’re just wasting money and time.

Quality content is great for increasing your SEO performance, because it encourages engaged and highly-involved readers. However, you still need to signal your content’s relevance and authority to Google before you ever get those readers.

4. There Are No Guarantees In SEO

If you’re talking to an SEO “expert” who’s guaranteeing you a top spot on Google, run the other way as fast as you can.

Anyone who claims they can automatically get your business to the front page is lying. You can certainly improve your ranking through employing SEO best practices, but there’s no guaranteeing overnight success.

5. Good SEO Experts Will Never Talk About “Going Viral”

In an uncertain field like SEO, there’s nothing more unpredictable than “going viral.” Since SEO marketers are in the business of minimizing risk and maximizing gain, SEO strategy should never rely on content going viral. It’s simply too random to be sustainable.

6. SEO Experts Can’t “Game” Google Anymore

In the olden days of SEO, you could manipulate Google’s algorithm to improve a website’s ranking. But as we explained before, keyword-stuffing and link-spamming won’t cut it anymore.

Google’s algorithm has gotten too smart, and you’re more likely to damage your ranking if you try to “game” Google these days.

7. Google Doesn’t Care About Your Grammar, But Readers Do

While Google tracks hundreds of ranking factors, grammar isn’t one of them. Nonetheless, you need to have impeccable grammar if you don’t want to hurt your SEO. Why? Because readers will notice errors and lose confidence in your authority. When they lose confidence, they leave your site sooner, and Google does track that.

8. Keywords Still Matter- Keyword Stuffing Does Not

Keywords are still vital for signaling that your content is relevant. But stuffing your blog full of keywords will annoy readers and search engines. It’s better to do focused keyword research beforehand, and make sure that you create quality content tailored to answer your target audience’s most searched questions.

9. If You Haven’t Optimize Your Site For Mobile, You’re Already Behind

Around 2014, the number of mobile users overtook desktop users. The gap has only grown since. If your website isn’t optimized for mobile viewing, then you’re losing out on more than half of your potential readership.

10. SEO Isn’t About Link-Building Anymore- It’s About Building Trust

Social media has changed the SEO landscape. You now have access to an enormous audience that craves quality content to read and share with their friends. Good SEOs will focus on building a community around your business, and they do that through trust.

At FEAD MEdia, we’re all about transparency. We want our clients to not just see every step of our process, but to understand them too. The true secret to effective SEO is a healthy working relationship between agency and client.

If you have any questions, or want to take a closer look under the hood of SEO, get it in touch. Our team members can take you further in-depth than any blog post on the web can.

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