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Video Production & Content Marketing

It’s not if, but when you’re going to start investing in video for your business

Many small business owners worry that they won’t know what to say if they are doing regular video content. We help you figure it out!

You know your business better than anyone else. So we work with you to find engaging and relevant topics for you to discuss with your audience. This not only helps to show that you are an expert in your field, but also is incredibly useful for SEO and social media engagement.

Why Video & Content?

Nowadays, people want to know everything about your service or product before they even talk to you. Content marketing allows you to do that.

Video is king on the internet. Most marketing experts agree that video will account for around 80% of all online content in the next few years. Let’s start getting your business producing video content in an affordable and effective way! Many video services start around $1000 just for a single shoot! That’s before you factor in the cost of editing, pre-production, and any marketing or distribution of the video you created. We want to make video affordable and accessible for all small business owners, so we price our services well below the market rate. Contact us for a quote today!

Let's Talk About Your Videos & Content!

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Content Marketing, in short, is telling your brand’s story online. Content is by far the most cost effective way to generate traffic to your site. The problem is, it’s really challenging to execute properly. You’ve heard this one, right?: “Content is King.” There’s a reason—it’s true.

We help you tell your story by creating compelling videos, blogs, ebooks, guides, podcasts and anything else that can be consumed by eyes and ears online. And we promote and sell your products & services through that compelling content. Just look at our content–are you compelled?

Working on Videos & Content with us gets you…

High-Quality Production Value

At an affordable price

Ongoing Video Content

So you never have to worry about it

Social Media & Blog Distribution

If we are doing ongoing video for you, we post to your social media accounts, YouTube, and blog for you on a regular basis…so you can take care of your business

Ongoing Support

We have different tiers of monthly retainer services to provide our clients with their website maintenance needs

Other Content Marketing Services

We also offer services for blog writing, article writing, and other ongoing content marketing services that helps your business stand out

Experienced Content Makers

We have several years of experience crafting quality content that converts

We know you’ve tried, or researched, several marketing tactics to increase your website traffic, leads, and sales. But, either the traffic isn’t there or the conversions aren’t happening. WHY???!!! Even if those methods are working, and you’re driving traffic to your site, what will they see when they get there? Without effective online content, all of your efforts do little to no good in terms of nurturing your leads and converting to sales.

If a customer was right in front of you, you’d be able to close the deal, right? Here’s the thing, that’s not how sales works anymore. What you used to say in person, you need to be able to convey online. We live in a consumer culture, so give your audience something to consume.

Why Video & Content?

FEAD MEdia - The Best Web Design Company

Our Process

We don’t think short term, because you don’t think short term. That’s why we meticulously plan and produce the best video projects we can given the budget we are working with. We know that you want good ROI for your content marketing budget, so we create excellent content to match that goal.

Whenever clients come to us for a video or content project, we have a few goals that we’re looking to accomplish:

  • Determine your project goals
  • Decide on your project’s look and feel
  • Design, produce, and deliver an awesome product
  • Revise your project based on feedback

Our Process….

  • Starts with a phone call or video meeting where we outline your needs together
  • We take those needs and develop a proposal
  • Once you have accepted the proposal, we discuss our vision for your project more in depth
  • We take all the notes from that meeting and go to work developing your project end to end
  • We do a review meeting twice during the build process to make sure that our vision aligns with yours and make tweaks accordingly
  • We complete the project and celebrate!

Content Marketing Services We Offer

Media Production

Videos, Images Vlogs & Podcasts

Content Development

Blogs, Articles, Guides, eBooks, Whitepapers, & more…

Creating & Managing Content Calendars

Developing a Content Strategy

Branding Voice

Content Marketing Consultations

Pricing & FAQs

We do not have “standard pricing” on most of our services, because every client is unique. We do have different pricing options that we offer to clients that would like to take advantage of hiring us on a monthly retainer basis. This gives clients priority status in our service queue, as well as a significant discount on our normal service rates.

We also like to make sure that we offer as much information to potential clients as possible, so we have answered a few FAQs in order to expedite your experience. If you haven’t found the answer on our site, make sure you reach out!


How much does this service cost?

We do not have “standard pricing” or pre-packaged rates for most of our services because we normally adjust our rates depending on our clients needs and budget on any given project. Additionally, given the nature of our work in creative media and design, different projects take different amounts of labor and we have found through years of experience that pre-packaging our prices normally end up costing our clients more.

However, we competitively price all of our services and are always open to negotiating our rates within reason.

What is your turn around time?

Turn around times vary from project to project. We are a boutique media shop, so delivery times are dependent on the scale of the project in question and our current workload.

What kind of clients do you work with?

Typically, we most enjoy working with companies that are passionate about what they do and the services they provide. We have worked with a wide array of clients in the health, technology, finance, legal, and personal services sectors.

We work with a wide range of clients, including helping SMBs and medium to large corporate clients with all of their media and marketing needs.

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